Hotel Houseboat in Srinagar is a jammu & kashmir based travel agent and a trusted name in the realm of travel and tourism in India. Coming into existence in the 1980s, we feel truly privileged attending to legions of tourers and vacationers from every nook and crevice of the world. Approved by the Government of India, we also pride ourselves on being a member of the Eco Tourism Society, India.

India is a great assortment of numerous religions, cultures and traditions, from one corner of the country to the other. Whether you are a wildlife fancier, an adventure freak, a beach buff, a spiritual type or you are on the look out for absorbing cultures, India is equally inviting to all. From the quintessential Himalayan charm in the north to the coastal splendours of the south and from the sensuous beaches of Goa and ancient caves of Ajanta and Ellora in the west to the scenic and cultural lures in the east, India is but a hypnotic spell.

We, at Hotel Houseboat in Srinagar, attempt to create a man of experience out of an individual, through our commitment and loyalty towards showcasing the inwardness and the true essence of India. Abiding by strict safety criteria and quality control, we'll take you on epic journeys that you'll never want to forget.
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Best of Kashmir Tour
06 Nights - 07 Days
Jewels Of Kashmir Tour
07 Nights - 08 Days
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